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Thank you for visiting our website where you will be able to learn about trapping, view our predator control management plans, purchase trapping videos and more.
At Mid South Predator Control we strive to help your hunting areas improve by adding to your game management plan controlling predators on your hunting lands or leases. Predation plays a major role in the decline of quality deer, smaller turkey flocks, or next to zero quail or cottontails to sustain a healthy population.  We offer multiple plans to reduce predators from coyotes, fox and bobcats to nesting predators like raccoons and opossums.
You can click here to view the type of plans we offer to help you succeed with your game management.  If you prefer, you can email us at midsouthpredatorcontrol@gmail.com or  call us at 731 614-2531. 

With years of experience trapping in multiple states under all types of weather conditions, MSPC will adjust to what ever it takes to get the job done.  Professional Trapper James Lord has almost 30 years of predator trapping experience.

We are located in Tennessee and have done jobs for clients in multiple southern states as well as a few mid western states.

A good day trapping coyotes off this ranch!

Raccoons and Bobcats effect your hunting grounds by destroying ground nests and preying on turkey poults.

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